Debrand your iPhone with DIY polishing tutorial

Horrified at Apple's recent lawsuit against HTC, and refuse to flaunt the company's brand on your iPhone any more?  We think you're probably taking the patent litigation a little too seriously – Mommy and Daddy still love each other, they just choose to show it via the ITC – but just at the right time comes Hack N Mod's gadget polishing tutorial, showing you how to take a battered iPhone (or any other gadget) and with a little elbow grease bring it back to unbranded life.

To be fair, the tutorial isn't intended to remove the Apple logo from the back of the iPhone; that was just a byproduct of the polishing.  In fact the handset was a heavily scratched example from eBay, with a cracked front display to boot.

With some dedicated buffing, however, and the help of 3M's $15 Headlight Lens Restoration Kit, the iPhone is taken to perhaps a better shine than when it was box-fresh.  The replacement screen cost $10, so the whole endeavour was far cheaper than buying a new iPhone housing. We reckon there'll be quite a few people keen to de-brand their handset, scratches (or HTC argument) or not.

[Thanks Michael!]