Deathloop has a stuttering problem on PC, but a fix is on the way

If you head to the Steam page for Deathloop at the moment, you'll find a user rating that seems to be at odds with the critical reception the game received. Even though the PC version currently has a rating of 88 on Metacritic – nearly as good a rating as any publisher or developer can hope for – the Steam user reviews fall into the "Mixed" category. Apparently, a number of the negative reviews can be blamed on a stuttering problem many PC players are experiencing at the moment.

We're not sure what the cause of the stuttering issue is, but it's bad enough that users are leaving a fair number of negative reviews referencing it. Some users blame the stuttering on the DRM associated with Deathloop – the always unpopular Denuvo – while others blame the engine.

Whatever the cause, the folks at Arkane are on the case. In a post to Reddit, a Deathloop community manager from Bethesda confirmed that Arkane is aware of the stuttering issues in Deathloop and is trying to work out a fix. "We're actively investigating the issue right now as a priority, and will update you with more specific information as soon as possible."

At the time of this writing, that update hasn't come down the pipeline yet. There's no sign of an update on Reddit or the official Twitter accounts for Arkane and Deathloop. In some of the positive Steam reviews, players say that they got the game running smoother by tweaking some settings and limiting their FPS, but obviously, no fix will likely be as good or as consistent as one that comes straight from the source at Arkane.

We'll keep an ear to the ground for more on that update, but if you're struggling with stuttering in the PC version of Deathloop, at least we now know there's an update on the way. Hopefully, the wait for a fix isn't too much longer, but we'll let you know either way, so stay tuned for more.