Death Star Waffle Maker makes waffles unlike any other

Brittany A. Roston - Jan 15, 2016
Death Star Waffle Maker makes waffles unlike any other

Some people can create art from their breakfast foods — pancakes in the shape of popular cartoon characters, for example. Most of us lack those creative skills but wouldn’t mind having a themed breakfast. Enter the Death Star Waffle Maker, a waffle maker that, as the name suggests, creates waffles in the shape and with the details of the Death Star from Star Wars.

The Death Star Waffle Maker is an exclusive and properly licensed creation from ThinkGeek, and it recently returned after spending a while out of inventory. You can find this unit featured in our last-minute gift guide for the everyday Star Wars fan as well – in a tree!


The appliance produces 7-inch round waffles with a proper level of crisp and a movie-accurate rendition of the ‘real’ Death Star.

Features include non-stick cooking plates that keep the waffle from sticking, indicators that show when the maker has reached the correct temperature and when it is heating up, and rubber non-skid feet that keep the maker from sliding away. The waffle maker was made, in part, from iron. The unit weighs 2lbs.

The waffle maker isn’t the first Star Wars-themed item for the kitchen we’ve come across. As we’ve reported before, there’s also an X-Wing styled knife block for the modern fan’s home. Check out the timeline below for more Star Wars content!

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