Dean Brown Audio Can helps your beans to sing

Chris Davies - Dec 9, 2009
Dean Brown Audio Can helps your beans to sing

If ever a project begged for a DIY version, this is it.  Dean Brown‘s Audio Can tosses out the beans and replaces them with a mono speaker, and is intended to offer a simple, portable way to listening to music.  A second connector can be used to daisy-chain multiple Audio Cans together, until you’re surrounded or deafened, whichever comes first.

Brown – as the head of a design consultancy – obviously has some serious things to say about the “generic design language” of the Audio Can and how the fact that it “embodies simplicity, basic functionality” makes it ripe for being “appropriated for different contexts”.  We’re not too sure about that, frankly, but we do have a thing for entertainingly designed gadgets and this would certainly make for a great stocking filler this Christmas.

The Audio Can is available to buy now, with various different label colors, priced at £27.50 ($45).  Not cheap, then, but we’re inspired to head off down to the shops and pick up a can of our own that we could refashion into a semi-convincing replica.


[via Core77]

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