DC's first NFT collection launches in October for FanDome 2021

We're a little more than two weeks away from FanDome 2021, a free virtual fan event for DC fans. This year's event comes with something special: DC's first batch of NFTs, a collection that is made possible in partnership with Palm NFT Studio. DC fans will be able to get at least two NFT collectibles from the collection.

NFTs, the digital goods based on blockchain technology, are the latest craze in the world of collectibles. DC is the latest company to get in on the trend, and it's doing so as part of its upcoming FanDome 2021 virtual event. Fans have the opportunity to score multiple DC NFTs featuring a variety of content from the comics universe.

According to DC, FanDome 2021 will be the first large virtual event to include NFT-powered registrations, potentially making this one of the largest releases of free NFTs thus far in the medium's history. FanDome 2021 starts on October 16; if you want to attend the virtual event, you'll need to register.

Registering will unlock a free NFT, while sharing the event on social media will get you a second NFT. Different rarity tiers will be offered, as well as various superheroes, including Green Lantern, Batman, Superman, Harley Quinn, and Wonder Woman.

The NFTs were hand-selected by DC Publisher and Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee, according to the company. Fans will be able to score the free NFTs starting on October 5, including existing registered DC FanDome members. Palm NFT Studio's blockchain is connected to Ethereum and is said to be 99-percent more energy-efficient than other systems.