DC Universe original content will soon move to HBO Max

It seems a recent shakeup at WarnerMedia has spurred a big change for DC Universe, the subscription service that launched in late 2018. According to a recent interview with DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee, DC Universe will be transformed and its original content will be moved over to the much bigger and newer HBO Max streaming service.

Lee revealed the details to The Hollywood Reporter this week, talking about the layoffs at WarnerMedia and the shakeup's impact on DC in particular. Addressing fears, Lee says that DC will continue to publish comics and that doing so remains 'the cornerstone' of the company.

However, the company will be dropping the bottom 25-percent or so of titles that fail to sustain themselves from a financial standpoint. Ultimately, DC is still a publisher and fans can expect to get continued digital access to the company's catalog in some way going forward.

DC Universe is currently home to somewhere around 25,000 titles and Lee says 'there is always going to be a need for that.' DC isn't yet saying how it plans to 'transform' DC Universe, but Lee does mention that details on this will be revealed in the future.

As for the video content, all of the original shows except for Stargirl will be making their way to HBO Max, which Lee says is a better platform for the media. He explains, "The amount of content you get, not just DC, but generally from WarnerMedia, is huge and it's the best value proposition, if I'm allowed to use that marketing term. We feel that is the place for that."