DC Universe Home Turf DLC Now Available To Purchase

If you're a fan of the video game from Sony Online Entertainment called DC Universe, the latest download content is now available for the game. The video game is available for the PC and PS3 gamers as is the new download content called Home Turf. The big feature of the download content for players is that you can now have your own lair.

Players are able to customize their own lair to serve as a base and a battleground for new lair PVP battles. The players are able to harness the power and combat abilities using a mainframe computer located in their lair. These powers and combat abilities can be used on the streets of Gotham City and Metropolis.

The download content also gives players access to a new hideout, which is a more basic version of their lair with less capabilities. Players will have access to two different teams with four additional lair themes that are accessible via the marketplace. More themes will be offered later.

The mainframe computer allows users to order orbital strikes, call in reinforcements, or supply drops, and unlock new mods. The player's lair can also be upgraded with mail, vendors, and a broker. New solo content also comes with download content including missions in four locations. The new locations offer 10 new missions. The Home Turf download content is $9.99 and Legendary members to the content for free.