DC Universe big bang: what’s coming next month

JC Torres - Aug 29, 2018, 9:21pm CDT
DC Universe big bang: what’s coming next month

DC fans will perhaps begrudgingly admit that Marvel’s properties, direct or otherwise, have saturated the market for a few years. DC definitely had a few good ones but few of those have stuck. Now the comics giant is making one giant gamble with DC Universe, a subscription service for all things DC. And it’s all going down mid-September but it won’t just be about streaming teen angsty series either.

If anything, DC Universe immediately has one critical advantage over Marvel. The Disney-owned property has series and content that’s scattered all over the place, from Netflix to 20th Century Fox to Amazon’s Comixology, just to name a few. DC Universe, in contrast, is your one-stop shop for DC fans. Except, of course, for the series already airing on other networks.

It’s primarily a streaming video on demand (SVOD) subscription and it’s betting big on original series, starting with Titans. There will be others, of course, including animated (cartoons) ones like the next season of Young Justice, “Outsiders”. But there will also be comics. 2,500 comics, in fact. How that will compete with the selection on Comixology, DC has yet to clarify.

DC fans need only start counting days when the DC Universe opens wide its doors. It’ll happen on September 15, the universally accepted “Batman Day”. The day when the Caped Crusader, not yet the Dark Knight, appeared on then “Detective Comics”. A fitting memorial, even if it DC Universe doesn’t seem to have any Batman-specific show or event to celebrate it. Or does it?

Maybe it doesn’t, but it does have a pre-order offer. If you sign up now, you get your first 3 months free. After that free period or if you missed out on the promo, you’ll be paying $7.99 per month or $74.99 per year.

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