dB Logic EP-100 earphones ship with SPL2 Healthy-Listening tech

Earphones are one of the things that most people will replace right away when they get a new music phone or digital audio player. The reason is that most of the earphones and headphones that come with audio devices aren't very good. A new set of earphones called dB Logic EP-100 earphones have started shipping and they have tech to preserve the hearing of the wearer.

The earphones use SPL2 technology that claims to be able to prevent long term hearing damage from listening to music with earphones turned up too high. The SPL2 tech limits volume levels using advanced circuits and doesn't need battery powered processing to do so.

The circuits preserve hearing and leave the music content largely unchanged according to dB Logic. The volume regulating technology doesn't make the music sound clipped or distorted according to the maker. The EP-100 earphones can be ordered on Amazon for $29.99.