David Pogue talks telecoms in 2009

So you want to know about cellular trends for this year, but you want it interspersed with comedy and piano playing?  Happily nobody delivers quite like David Pogue, perhaps the closest the New York Times has to a Renaissance Man, and in a new 32 minute video (which you can watch after the cut) he covers everything from middle-C to 3.5G.

As you might imagine, Apple's iPhone gets plenty of discussion time, with Pogue looking at how the iconic smartphone has changed the landscape for both hardware and services.  It's not all a Steve Jobs love-fest, however; Grand Central, voice-recognition information services, even the T-Mobile G1 get a look in.

Thirty-two minutes and eight seconds might sound like a lot, but it's the Sunday before CES 2009 so pour yourself a glass of something bracing, settle back and let the consumer electronics worlds' answer to Tom Lehrer have his say.  After all, this time next week we'll be hoping we never see a mobile device again.

[via CrunchGear]