Datasafe oomi: World's Smallest MP3 Player

Just in case the iPod nano is too big for your hands, the Datasafe oomi is here, just small enough that you can almost guarantee that you'll lose it and never find it again. Sporting a mirrored silver surface and weighing in at an astonishing small 20 grams (roughly 0.7 ounces), the oomi features an FM radio tuner, support for WMA, MP3, and ASF, and a fairly-impressive 20mW per sound channel, totalling 40 mW of output. The built-in USB 2.0 port allows for ultra-quick transfers, and the player works seemlessly with both Windows and Mac. To top it all off, the device features circling blue LEDs to let you know that the device is in operation. Very impressive; just don't lose it to the couch cushions.

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