Datamore Porté hard drive enclosure is stylish

It's not that often that we talk about external hard drive enclosures here on SlashGear, but lo and behold, this new Datamore Porté came across our radar and we just had to share it with you. The Porté is a stylish enclosure, and while it's kind of a gimmick, it certainly looks nice and will keep your HDD safe.

Most of the time external hard drives aren't much to look at. That's why the Datamore Porté possesses such a neat design. This way, you can focus on getting an HDD that provides the functionality you want, without worrying about how it looks. The Porté will do that for you.

This enclosure has a hinged door, which makes putting a hard drive inside super easy. Plus, it features either USB or eSATA connections. You will have the option of either. The Porté is currently only available in Korea, but it has a distinct style that others will hopefully pick up on.