Datamancer Steampunk Laptop now Available for Preorder in US

Richard Nagy wowed us when he created the Datamancer steampunk laptop a while back. Those wishing to add a Victorian flair to their PC need not wait longer. Pre-orders are now being taken for these eclectic works of art. The pre-order price is $5,500, which is pretty steep for a laptop, but this is not just a laptop. The brass and copper workings of gears and sprockets actually work.

The case is beautiful, and has antique claw feet, copper keys, matching antiqued keyboard and mouse, and turns on and off via an antique style clock winding key. Very custom and very intricately handcrafted, the creation is a perfect combination of wood, glass, metal, and even some modern electronics. Currently only available in PC, Nagy said he might be willing to install a Mac OS for select enthusiasts.

The PC in the video is an HP ZT1000 laptop, but Nagy said he would most likely build newer units using a Lenovo Netbook or possibly something similar. But this is obviously more a work of art than a laptop. Anyone interested in this device is probably not concerned about benchmark results. There are other case mods on the market, but this takes it to a whole new level.

[via Datamancer]