Data shows Android 2.2 is most common, 3.0 the least

A developer that is thinking about building an app for Android users needs to know what the most common version of the OS is so they can ensure that the app will run on most of the handsets and devices on the market today. Android Developers has offered up a couple new charts that detail the versions of Android is use today.

The data on most common OS spans the last two weeks ending on March 15. The most common version of Android on the market according to the stats is 2.2 with 61.3% of all devices on that version of the OS. The least common is Android 3.0 that is only on tablets right now with 0.2% of the market. The rest of the list includes Android 2.2 at 29%, 1.6 at 4.8%, and 1.5 at 3%.

Android 2.3 has 0.7% of the market and Android 2.3.3 has 1% o the Android market at this time. Android Developers also gives some historical data on OS installations with the data in the second chart spanning September 2010 to March 2011.

[via Android Community]