Dash and IFTTT recipes make driving contextual and smart

Android users, your drive just got a lot more useful. Dash, the popular app that monitors more than your speed, now has an IFTTT channel. A few recipes are ready for you, but you can make anything you like!

Currently, Dash will use IFTTT to log your trips into Drive to monitor expenses, or let you set a reminder to schedule an appointment with the mechanic when the check engine light comes on. If you like to brag about your driving score (I'm a 96, thank you very much!), IFTTT will let you post in on Facebook.

Dash is a great app that uses a OBD plug-in device of your choice to monitor your vehicle's performance. Depending on the dongle you get for your car, you can get info like average speed, idle RPM, and even find nearby gas. Of course, it also tells you how good a driver you are using the metrics to gauge things like starting or stopping abruptly and driving too fast.

There are all sorts of cool recipes available, so head over to the IFTTT page for Dash and check them out. We particularly like the recipe for sending a text to friends when you're in their neighborhood.

Source: IFTTT