Dasarobot Genibo dog-bot gets new video demo

The demise of Sony's Aibo has left a big niche in the not-especially-useful robotic dog market, and that's a niche that Korean firm Dasarobot intends to fill.  Their Genibo dog is already available from mainstream retailers in the country, and judging by the video demo after the cut he's capable of walking, flashing his tail and flailing his limbs.Video demo after the cut

The new 'bot seems to be an update on an earlier 2005 design, already available in Korea, which is described as "mischievous and charming".  As with Aibo, it seems that there are various touch sensors which are used to interact with the dog.

Full specifications of the latest model are unknown, but it does look to include wireless networking and be programmable as well as have autonomous modes.  Dasarobot sell the Genibo robot itself for the equivalent of $1,211, and offer a  wireless router and programming CD kit for a further $121.

[via AVING]