Das keyboard mechanical keyboard gets colored keys tops for gamers

There are a lot of typing and gaming purists out there that think the world went wonky when keyboards moved away from the mechanical keys that used to be the common in the early days of computing and went with the membrane keys and other tech that is used today. If you are one of the mechanical keyboard fans, you may be familiar with the Das Keyboard.

The clicky manual switch keyboard can be had in a fancy version with no letters or symbols on the keyboard for the touch typist or with keys that are labeled for the hunt and peck typist like me. Das keyboard has announced a new set of key tops for gamers that give you green WASD keys and a red top for the escape key.

The key set with the engraving for letters and without sells for the same $14.90. You will need a key cap puller that sells for $4.95 or you will need to pry the tops off via different means. I also see that the keyboard even has a couple of Linux keys you can buy with the penguin sitting on them. The funniest thing about the Das Keyboard for me is that the thing is so loud and clicky that you can buy earplugs directly from the maker for you and anyone that might share your office.