Dart programming language for web programming unveiled

The fine folks over at the Chromium Blog have chosen to pull the covers off an entirely new programming language called Dart. The goal is to make Dart a new programming language specifically for designing web content. The Dart language is being shown off on the Chromium Blog as an early preview. Dart is described with three main goals. The first is to be a flexible, but structured language.

The next goal is to make Dart feel familiar and natural to programmers to make it easy to learn. The final main goal is to be sure that Dart offers high performance on all modern web browsers and environments. Dart can be used for all sorts of projects from small one man jobs to large scale projects needing formal types in the code to state the program intent.

Dart also packs in optional types so that coding can start and then types can be added in later. Dart code can be executed in two ways. One way is as a virtual machine on top of a JavaScript engine and the other is as a compiler that translates dart into JavaScript. The new language also has basic tools for checking, compiling, and running Dart code.