DARPA's exploring chip implants to create enhanced soldiers

DARPA, ever exploring the mad science aspects of what is and could be possible, is looking into the possibility of implanting chips into soldiers' brains to enhance their performance on the battlefield..and, maybe, to help them deal with the traumatization that often results. In this case, the trauma is of the physical sort — traumatic brain injuries are too common amongst soldiers on the battlefield, and they're often life changing.

The information comes from Annie Jacobsen, who talked about classified brain programs in her new book "The Pentagon's Brain." According to it, DARPA is working on so-called neuroprosthetics that are wireless and can be implanted into one's brain. The implants are reportedly to help with traumatic brain injuries.

In a statement to Fusion, a DARPA spokesperson stated that these "brain-neural interfaces" haven't actually be implanted into soldiers at this time, but research is underway related to doing so. Past efforts indicate these implants could still be three or four years away from happening.

Implants wouldn't be limited to dealing with brain injuries, reportedly also having potential uses in everything from PTSD treatments to learning new things to improve artificial intelligence, issuing commands using thoughts, recovering memories, and more.

SOURCE: Fusion