DARPA HUD gives infantry soldiers enhanced view

DARPA has created a simple-looking and handy heads-up display (HUD) for infantry soldiers, with the unit being attached to their helmet and positioned in front of one eye. It is quite a bit larger than the tiny displays used in Glass and similar products, being akin to the HUD fighter pilots use.The HUD is a prototype courtesy of DARPA under the program titled Urban Leader Tactical Response, Awareness and visualization — referred to simply as Ultra-Vis, which is a joint effort betwixt BAE Systems and Applied Research Associates. If all goes as planned, the HUD will be priced under $10,000 each.

The HUD's abilities are numerous: they can be used to display info gathered by drones above the situation, giving soldiers details about possible places to go for safety or any enemies in the area. Essentially, the display could give a solider a "look" at the area where he is located even if he can't do it from his position or use other gear.

Iconography in full color is also overlayed onto the landscape in the soldier's FOV, offering details about it like elevation and coordinates. The identification of friendly troops and equipment is also possible in addition to details about potential enemies. Said DARPA program manager Yiftach Eisenberg, "It's all about heads-up situational awareness."

SOURCE: Military.com