Darknet: the Gear VR game that makes you Mnemonic

The creator of the game Auralux has returned to the scene with another aesthetically gorgeous title, this one made for Samsung Gear VR specifically. This game goes by the name "Darknet", and it summons the classic age of "hacker" understanding – namely that time in history when movies depicted hacking as a visually rich, 3D-like experience. This experience stems from films like Hackers, Tron, and Lawnmower Man. You'll think you've entered the retro-future, and you'll have brought your VR self to fight the good fight.

The first teaser trailer for this game shows its many influences. See if you can name the movies that pop up along the way. Remember that this teaser includes both visual and auditory cues.

The actual game looks a lot more polished than any of the films teased above would lead you to believe.

Darknet is ready to roll with the Gear VR from the start. When you first gain access to a unit, you're able to download Darknet for free. After the first wave of early Gear VR adopters has gained access, you'll have to pay $10 USD to own this game.

Below you'll see the first up-close look at this game as presented by its creator.

First you'll be given a quick look at what the game looks like from a camera's perspective through the lens of the Gear VR. Then you'll get a better view without the 3D bit, demoed this time through a PC to make it easier to follow as the demonstration commences.

Don't forget to watch for the secret code – one that looks extremely similar to the first Matrix movie – as a bit of an Easter Egg for advanced players. Have at it!