Dark Souls will run at 60 FPS on PC, developer confirms

PC gamers don't ask a lot. We want a game with graphics settings that we can control, keys and other controls that we can customize, and to not have our framerates limited to 30 FPS. Whenever a studio announces that a game will be locked to 30 FPS, PC gamers tend to go a bit crazy. That's exactly what happened when a representative from Bandai Namco delivered the bad news about Dark Souls 3.

It started a couple of days ago on Reddit, where a user had contacted Bandai Namco to ask if the game would be locked to 30 FPS, like it has been stated for consoles. This is a pretty legitimate concern, considering the original Dark Souls game for PC is also locked at 30 FPS. (Yes, you can get around the framerate cap, but it does create other issues when you do.)

When the rep confirmed that the plan was to keep the same cap that consoles have, many PC gamers got pretty upset. After all the second game in the franchise was bumped up to 60 FPS, so why take a step backwards? Well, it turns out that it may have just been a simple case of misinformation on the rep's part.

The official Dark Souls Twitter account has finally cleared up all of the confusion by confirming that the game would indeed run at 60 FPS on PCs. It's strange that in 2016 that this is even a concern, but it's still one of those struggles that can show how disconnected developers can be from their player base. But thankfully in this case, developer FromSoftware learned their lesson after the first game.