Dark Souls gets backwards-compatible on Xbox, get your copy with Dark Souls 3

Some people are gluttons for punishment. They're the sort of people who will put themselves through endless hours of frustration, for reasons that the rest of the world won't ever really understand. I'm talking, of course, about those who play Dark Souls. If you've never played the first two games in the series, then you're missing out on a lot of repetitive gameplay that has you dying countless times, just to get through one area. Well, get ready to relive the first game on your Xbox One.

I've actually spent a good deal of time on the original Dark Souls. While I love to talk about how much of a masochist you have to be to continue playing it, I actually had a lot of fun with it. It's a game that really makes you think, and punishes you severely for getting over-confident (and sometimes just for the hell of it). The third game in the franchise is due out in just over a month, and thanks to a listing on the Australian Xbox One store, it would seem that Xbox One owners are getting a little treat with it.

Should you decide to pre-order Dark Souls 3 from the Xbox One Store, you'll be given a code that gives you access to the first game in the series. This will be the original Xbox 360 game, just updated to be backwards-compatible.

When you pre-order the game, your code will come within 7-10 days. This tells us that everyone who happens to own the first game will be able to access it within the next week or so. And if you're an Xbox Live Gold member, then hopefully you picked up the original Dark Souls for free, when it was available as a part of the GWG program.

Source: Xbox