Dark Sky for Wear OS finally available

When it comes to weather, Dark Sky is one of the most trusted and most used data sources around. It's so famous that other apps pay to get access to that data to serve to their own users in their own unique way. Dark Sky is already available on all major mobile platforms unless you count smartwatch platforms. Well, now it really is because Dark Sky, at long last, is available on Wear OS by Google, formerly Android Wear, also by Google.

Dark Weather might be known for its "hyperlocal down-to-the-minute" rain forecasts and the API that powers many other weather apps, but just like any other weather app, it is most effective when you actually use it less. Or rather, the less time you spend on actually using the app, the better. From notifications to widgets, Dark Sky says it has tried to find ways to reduce the time you spend on the main app. A smartwatch is just the latest way. Well, sort of.

Dark Sky for Wear OS is really no different from the Android version in terms of functionality and features. You get almost the same amount of information, from current weather conditions to forecasts for the next 7 days, all squeezed into a smaller, more easily digested form. So while you do spend last time in the main Android app, you might find yourself spending more time on the Wear OS app instead.

Fortunately, Dark Sky does support complications, the unfortunate name for pieces of information on the watch face, so you won't have to dive into the smartwatch app either. Those include current conditions, current temperature, and precipitation for the next hour.

Dark Sky for Wear OS is offered as a free upgrade for the service's Android subscribers. It syncs locations with the Android app but you can also add your own locations via voice or tapping on the smartwatch.