Dark Sky for iOS update improves weather forecasting with iPhone 6's barometers

Dark Sky for iOS is one of the more popular weather apps for the iPhone, and that's before it just got an impressive update that will surely make it even more useful. Now at version 5, the app looks to go beyond just providing users with a prediction of the weather, to actually gathering and sharing data that will improve the accuracy of forecasts. By taking advantage of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus' barometer, Dark Sky can collect pressure readings and use the data in short-term forecasts.

As part of the update, Dark Sky now lets users contribute to weather forecasts in two ways. The first is the common crowdsourcing method that has become popular in other weather apps recently. Users can manually choose to submit a report detailing what the current weather around them is like.

Or, they can go a step further with their iPhone 6 and allow the app the automatically gather data from the built-in barometer, which in turn helps improve short-term forecasts for others in the same area. Don't worry though, it's completely optional, and users aren't forced to contribute their weather information, neither manually nor with data collecting.

For Dark Sky users that aren't interested in the crowdsourcing functionality, there are other new features too. This includes a new visual layout, as well as the ability to set up notifications based on customer weather preferences. So you can be the first to know if there are strong winds or an abrupt change in temperature. The version 5 update is free for those who already have the app, while new users can find it on the App Store priced at $4.

SOURCE Forecast.io (App Store)