Daniel HeiBe Creates a PC Case Mod from Concrete

Evan Selleck - Nov 19, 2010
Daniel HeiBe Creates a PC Case Mod from Concrete

For some, having a case mod that looks both artistically amazing and absolutely ridiculous at the same time is a life-long dream. For most of them, they get the tools and create their dream project, making it a reality. That’s exactly what Daniel HeiBe did, who is actually no stranger to making remarkably unique case mods. His latest one, which will probably take the cake for outright uniqueness, is made completely out of concrete.

The concrete PC case mod was made as part of a case mod contest. Just by looking at it, we can tell that the construction time on this had to be huge, but the overall payout is probably more than worth it. It’s certainly unique, but we can’t help but wonder how heavy it is. Just looking at it hurts our backs. While the concrete case mod is impressive in of itself, HeiBe’s previous works include a treek trunk case mod, and one that looks like a small sail, which featured 24-carat leaf gliding. Obviously, HeiBe loves his case mods.

[via TechnaBob]

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