Danger 5 comedy show is returning, but this time as an Audible podcast

Audible has resurrected an Australian comedy series called Danger 5, but it has returned in the form of a podcast. Called Danger 5: Stereo Adventures, this podcast is written by the creators behind the original show; the original cast has returned for the audio show, as well, including Shaun Micallef for narration. This is the latest production labeled as an Audible Original.Danger 5 is a comedy show that revolved around five spies that were on a mission to kill Adolf Hitler in order to prevent him from taking over the world. The series features an unusual pulp style that made it a bit different than other spy shows; it first aired in 2012 and eventually got a second season in 2015.

It doesn't seem the show will be returning to TV, but it will live on in the form of an Audible Original audio show, according to Deadline. The return features the original cast as they work to prevent other evil characters from taking over the world; there are a total of eight episodes in the audio version of the show.

The spy team heads to a variety of destinations in the podcast, including 'Dracula's beach party,' the fabled Bermuda Triangle, the Congo, Greek islands, and more. This show is joined by the two TV seasons, which are currently available for subscribers to stream on Netflix.

This is the latest in an increasingly large body of Audible Originals, which are exactly what they sound like: audiobooks and other audio productions that are exclusively available through Amazon's Audible. The decision to offer originals isn't surprising — streaming companies have been using original shows to distinguish them from competitors for years.