Dancing Bieber-bot a six-figure spectacle

Pop fop Justin Bieber's show-stopping CES 2012 appearance is believed to have cost toy manufacturer Tosy a six-figure sum, according to insiders, meaning the firm will have to sell plenty of $200 robots just to cover the singer's fee. Exact details of the Tosy deal have not been revealed, but Bieber apparently pocketed more than $100k for the brief appearance alongside the mRobo Ultra Robot, The Daily was told.

Whether that was worth it depends on how appealing a robot with a huge speaker for its pelvis and a low-storage PMP tucked inside is to you, and whether those feelings changed having seen the 'bot dancing with the Canadian jig wastrel. Folding, Transformer-style, to an 8-inch high speaker block, or opening up to cycle between a number of preset dance moves controlled by remote, the mRobo is expected to ship in the fall.

Meanwhile, a Bieber-branded edition of the Tosy robot is apparently being considered, high praise indeed. Britney Spears will no doubt be livid; sources claim she was also under consideration, but Tosy eventually bagged the Biebs.