Danalock smart lock ditches keys in favor of smartphone tech

Shane McGlaun - Dec 10, 2013, 5:46 am CDT
Danalock smart lock ditches keys in favor of smartphone tech

When it comes to securing the door on your home or office, most of us use plain locks that require keys. If you aren’t a fan of having to fumble in the dark with keys, you might be interested in a new smart lock called the Danalock. The lock is designed to need no keys to unlock or lock the door.

All the user needs is their smartphone and the Danalock smartphone application. The lock requires no special installation with an install time of only 10 minutes according to the manufacturer. The Danalock is designed to fit onto existing deadbolts and mortise locks on any door.

The smart lock requires no custom wiring. Once installed, it connects to the smartphone application using Bluetooth Smart or Z-Wave. The smartphone application allows the user to lock or unlock the door with the press of a virtual button. The app also allows the user to send virtual keys to other people who are running the smartphone app.

With those virtual keys, you can let friends or family into your home without giving them a physical key. One of the coolest features of the lock is that it can be set to sense when the homeowner approaches and automatically unlock the door. It can also be set to lock the door again once the person is inside their home automatically. There are two versions of the lock with one supporting Bluetooth Smart and the Z-Wave version designed to integrate into existing smartphone systems. The lock comes in square or round versions and is available now for $99. There are no monthly fees to use the lock.

SOURCE: Poly-control

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