Daisy Art Sculpture - Hint: Its Not A Flower

No, instead it's a giant manufacturing grade one-armed robot with a plastic version of a Titanic-sized propeller on the front of it that spins like a fan. As if that wasn't creepy enough, it moves, and using the cameras on its base it can follow you round, like as if its aiming at you.

Right now it's sitting in Changi Airport in Singapore. Its in Terminal 3 as an art installation and I'm sure is cool as hell.

There is also video of it, but its in Quicktime format on the designer's, Christian Moeller, website because apparently YouTube is too hard to operate for a guy that just built and programmed a robot. Apparently the propeller doesn't really spin fast enough to be a fan, it apparently just twirls in a lackadaisical manner.

[via ohgizmo]