Dainese motorcycle airbag jackets aim to protect riders in an accident

Shane McGlaun - Sep 15, 2015, 5:30am CDT
Dainese motorcycle airbag jackets aim to protect riders in an accident

If you have ever wondered how exactly a motorcycle racer can take a massive spill at triple digit speeds and then just get up and walk away, it’s the safety gear that allows them to do that. Part of that safety gear for modern racers is an airbag system that inflates at just the right time to protect the rider from serious injury as they hit the ground and slide. A company called Dianese has a new line of airbag jackets coming to market for street riders.

The new airbag jacket tech can be found inside the Misano 1000 airbag jacket and has six different sensors in the back-protector that are designed to monitor the vectors that affect the body of the rider 800 times per second. By monitoring those vectors the jacket knows precisely when to activate the airbag.

The company behind the new airbag jacket has built the system using real world data from normal motorcycling accidents. The tech inside the jacket has been used to deploy airbags over 1000 times on streets and racing circuits around the world. The data recorded by the sensors has been analyzed from each of these incidents and used to improve how effective the trigging algorithms are.

The sensors inside the Misano 1000 jacket are completely self-contained and no sensors are required to be installed on the motorcycle for the jacket to operate. The airbag system works along with back and chest protectors inside the jacket for all around protection. The Misano 1000 D-air jacket will come in two colors and will land in November for $1699.

SOURCE: Gizmag

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