Daewoo Lucoms UMPC - The Solo M1

Well if you can't or unwilling to manufacture your own UMPC, the other solution is to clone someone else's and slap your name on it.  That's exactly what Daewoo Lucoms has done.  Their very own (wink wink) UMPC is called the Solo M1.  The heart and soul of the Solo M1 is the Founder UMPC.  The Solo M1 features a Celeron 900, 7" touch-screen, MS Tablet PC operating system, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 1.3 mega-pixel video camera, DMB TV tuner and a S-Video out.  And it does come with a cradle.  I'd have to say that the Solo M1's list of specs does seem more attractive than the Samsung Q1.

So when the hell is Apple going to release their Micro Mac?

Product page [via GottaBeMoble and Akihabara News]