da Vinci Junior 1.0 3D printer brings 3D printing to the masses

If you have ever thought that having a 3D printer would be cool only to look at the price of 3D printers and decided the purchase isn't in your budget, the da Vinci Junior 1.0 3D printer might change your mind. This is the most affordable 3D printer on the market and sells for $349. With many other 3D printers running into the thousands of dollars, the Junior 1.0 is priced well for the masses.

The company behind the Junior 1.0 is XYZprinting and it is aiming the low cost 3D printer at educators, families, and hobbyists. Three version of the 3D printer will be released, including a wireless version that will land later in 2015.

The printer offers an enclosed printing area and non-heated bed. It needs no calibration and has an auto-loading filaments system that notifies the user when the filament gets low. The extruder is a one-click fast release unit to make it easier to remove for cleaning or replacement. Da Vinci Junior 1.0 is also green needing only 75 watts of power to operate and uses biodegradable PLA filaments.

Junior 1.0 printers can make products with dimensions up to 5.9" x 5.9" x 5.9". A design database is also available for the printer that has thousands of 3D models for printing. The 3D printer is available to purchase now online via major retailers like Amazon and Newegg among others.