d_skin - protects your CD, even while playing

Most of us have several CDs and DVDs that have perished due to an overabundance of scratches. After a while, it just happens. Well this CD condom d_skin is a patented design to protect your discs from all that abuse.

Did anyone else notice that d is the fourth letter of the alphabet? Translating their product name into four_skin. Either that is one hilarious coincidence or the manufacturers have a dirty mind too. The nice thing is the skins stay on while playing.

Packs start at $12.99, and in packs of 20, 50 and 100. It snaps on the readable side leaving the top free of plastic. Alright, you should know Scott actually noticed the foreskin reference. I would have noticed it eventually, maybe. Well I could have.

Protect Your Discs with d_skin [via gearlog]