d-Media Unveils Ultra-Cool GPS Device

Dammit, why to the Koreans get all the cool toys? Like d-Media's upcoming G4 GPS system, which looks akin to an oddly-redesigned PSP. The successor to the G3, the G4 features a 4-inch touch screen display, a sleek black case, and enough features to make you want to call d-Media and beg for the device to arrive here Stateside (which at this time isn't guaranteed). The built-in Bluetooth allows users to utilize headsets and cell phones with the G4, letting users drive and talk at the same time. Also included are MPEG-4 playback capabilities for movies and an infrared remote for, well, remote-controlling. Again, there's no guarantee that we'll ever see this device in the US, but if mobs of angry nerds have anything to say about it, it'll be here eventually.

[via Gizmodo]