D-Link launches new 200Mbps PowerLine mini adapters

D-Link announced a new line of mini adapters today for its PowerLine home networking solution. These adapters plug into any home outlet and use the existing electrical wiring to extend your wireless home network signal. This helps to deliver a secure and reliable network connection to devices throughout your home or small office where it may normally be inhibited, such as by a concrete wall or by being on a different floor level.

The new additions include the PowerLine AV Mini Adapter (DHP-310AV), which is a single adapter unit that can be added to any existing PowerLine Network. There's also the PowerLine AV Mini Adapter Starter Kit (DHP-311AV) that comes with two units and the PowerLine AV 4-Port Switch Mini Adapter Starter Kit (DHP-348AV) that lets you setup a new PowerLine Network right out of the box.

The mini adapters can deliver up to 200Mbps speeds over existing electrical wiring, making it a great solution for high-bandwidth applications such as when used with the Boxee Box, Blu-Ray players, or gaming consoles. The single Mini Adapter is priced at $59.99, the double starter kit is $109.99 and the 4-Port Switch Mini Adapter starter kit is $129.99.