D-Link doubles security for home network routers

D-Link is big in the network hardware market for home and business users. The company has announced that it is doubling the security on its line of home network routers in an effort to stay ahead of the continually escalating attacks on networks today.

The increased security on its networking products will help home users defend networks from hackers, phishing schemes and other security threats. The increased security will be added with both CAPTCHA and DNSSEC support to prevent worms, viruses, and malicious attacks from compromising the security of the network.

The DNSSEC is a specification suite that adds security to the DNS to help ensure that information received form a domain name service is authentic to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks. CAPTCHA is a challenge response test to ensure that a user logon is not computer generated and is entered by a human hand. Most internet users have run across this security feature before with letters that are in an image that have to be typed into a field to register or sign in to a website. The new features are on most shipping D-Link products with others being updated with the new features soon.