d°light Bubbles - Squeezable LED lights

LED lights are usually pretty straightforward things, apart from the technologic "cool" factor.  But these d-light Bubbles are anything but straightforward, at least when you try to squeeze them.  Yes, they're squeezable.

Designed by Diana Lin Studio, which aims to "give people not only physical experiences with products, but also emotional experiences", the d°light Bubbles combine the soft and squeezable nature of silicone with an LED light, and " When you squeeze the silicone bubbles, you can feel the pressure of the air inside and also hear the sound of the air coming out."

These are certainly odd, yet totally unique at the same time.  The lights are purchasable for $140,from the Yanko Design Store (and apparently can stretch out 10 feet long).

[via Gizmodo]