Cypress unveils West Bridge Turbo-MTP 2.0 for faster movie and data transfers

Computer hardware enthusiasts are probably familiar with north bridge and south bridge chipsets that are found in many computers on the market today. Cypress Semiconductor has announced the latest version of its West Bridge peripheral controller that claims to offer the fastest sideloading for multimedia files from a PC using the MTP transfer protocol.

The Turbo-MTP 2.0 module allows users to sideload a full-length 1GB film in less than 45 seconds to a portable device. The new module also supports the Android operating system making it compatible with a wide range of new devices hitting the market.

The Cypress MTP also allows the user to continue using their device for watching videos and making calls while it is connected to a PC rather than seeing nothing more than a PC Connect screen. The Turbo-MTP 2.0 modules are already in full production. When we will see the device in products on the market is unknown.