Cypress Semi shows off 14-inchTrueTouch touchscreen with unlimited finger tracking

If you have used touchscreen devices from different companies you may have noticed that multi-touch isn't all created equal. Some screens can handle two fingers, which is technically multi-touch. However, throw in a third finger and things don't work so well on some screens and if you add more fingers to that things can really fall apart.

Cypress Semiconductor is showing off a new prototype 14-inch TrueTouch capacitive touchscreen that is able to actively track any number of finger touches. The screen is as accurate with ten fingers on it as it is with two. The tech used in the screen seen in the demo can be scaled from 7 to 17-inches making it appropriate for all sorts of devices.

The screen is designed to work with Windows 7 operating systems and should find its way into netbooks, notebooks, and tablet PCs. With the iPad launched this week, you can bet a tablet using the tech will be coming. The new screen falls into Cypress' TrueTouch family of screens.