CyPhy LVL 1 Drone records video and promises easy control

Sometimes it can be difficult to control drone aircraft if they require a complex remote controls along the lines of a standard remote controlled aircraft. However, there are bunches of new drones on the market today that are easy to control and only need a smartphone or tablet as the controller.

A new drone has debuted called the CyPhy that is controlled using a smartphone and as a lot of other features to keep it from going off course like geofencing. The drone is designed to take aerial photos and video right out of the box. The drone uses multi-rotors and is designed to be able to fly forward without tilting like other drones.

Since it doesn't have to tilt to fly forward, the video has no swaying motion that is present in some drone video and needs no complex and expensive camera attachment to eliminate that sway. The LVL 1 drone is also designed to have intuitive controls that make it easy to fly for the entire family. The drone can also perform aerobatics like loops.

The control app uses swipe to fly that lets you swipe a finder on the screen to control where the drone goes. The photos and video can be shared while flying the drone. The LVL 1 drone is on Kickstarter seeking $250,000 and has raised over $149,000 so far with 44 days to go. A LVL 1 drone will cost you $445 or more with shipping in February 2016.