Cydle i30 drops at CES with scant details

There are lots of mobile DTV devices debuting at CES. I like the idea of mobile TV, but I want it on my iPhone not on a separate device. A Korean company called Cydle has unveiled a device called the Cydle i30 that is admittedly short on details but sounds interesting nonetheless.

The device is an accessory that claims to be able to deliver digital ATSC TV to your mobile phone. Exactly how the device connects to your phone is one of those important details that are missing along with which handsets the i30 will work with.

Cydle says that its battery charging technology will allow the smartphone to be charged form the i30's internal battery pack to extend battery life. The i30 and the smartphone can be charged at the same time via a USB connection. The device also has a built-in speaker. I hope we hear more details on this device before the show is over, it sounds interesting.