Cyclone Cocktail shaker entertains the drunk when the drinkers are uninteresting themselves

I am sure you've been there when you are surrounded by people that are wholly uninteresting or boring and you are all drinking (likely your company's recent Christmas party). Well, now there is a cocktail mixer that can do a better job of entertaining you than those fools.

You pour in your ingredients and put the lid on just like any other cocktail mixer, but instead of picking it up and shaking it, you hit the button and it spins all the ingredients together hurricane style. I'm not much of a cocktail guy, but if I were, I'd definitely want one of these.

If you are a big fan of cocktails such as Martini's, Cosmopolitans, or other such drinks, you can pick one of these up at Amazon for $14.49. I assume its battery powered as well, so you'll need some of those as well, just be sure that you and those you drink with have more personality than this drink mixer.

Cyclone cocktail shaker, just in case drinking isnt fun enough as it is [via shinyshiny]