Cybertek Wings Combine Fashion, Frivolous Gadgets

If you have $1000 to spare, I know just the thing to put the finishing touch on your Halloween costume. Yes, I know Halloween is over two months away, but if you're going to sport Cybertek Wings on the Hallowed Eve, you had better plan ahead.

These wings strap onto your back and are made of carbon fiber and extruded aluminum. They're powered by air pressure and they can expand and retract seven times before needing to be recharged for between 5-10 minutes. The wingtips are affixed with LEDs that glow blue each time the wings extend.

The wingtips are also customizable to a color of your choosing. Now, this a pretty cool gadget and all, but useless just the same. In fact, I can think of no practical use for mechanical wings. Perhaps that's the point?

[via Coolbuzz]