Cyberpunk 2077 will have a day one patch

Few things can be more annoying for gamers when they buy a new videogame than a massive day one patch you have to download and install before playing the game. Developers behind Cyberpunk 2077 have announced that there will be a day one patch with bug fixes. It's become extremely common for developers to launch video games that are riddled with bugs.

Reviewers have hands-on Cyberpunk 2077, and opinions on the game haven't all been good. Some have been critical of the storytelling in the game and overall game themes. No matter how people feel about the game so far, one complaint has been common: the game has lots of bugs. The day one patch will be 43 gigabytes in size, and developers promise it will make all the difference.

At least one reviewer says that even after a pre-launch version sent for review was patched; there were still bugs in virtually every mission. Nothing kills excitement for highly-anticipated video games like Cyberpunk at 2077 like a bug-riddled game does. Another interesting item from reviews of the game is that review codes were only given out for PC.

This means gamers have no idea how the game will look or play on console systems. CD Projekt Red developers are trying to reassure players that bugs will be less of an issue after patches. Fabian Mario Dohla also took to Twitter to tell fans that a lot of the bugs reviewers found have been fixed already or would be fixed in the day one patch.

He also noted that some reviewers experienced bugs because of playing the game at higher settings than the PC they were on could handle. Cyberpunk 2077 is scheduled to launch on December 10. Gamers can preload the game on both Xbox and PC now. With the game's size and a 43-gigabyte day one patch, fans better be sure they have enough storage space on their console or PC.