Cyberpunk 2077 save game bug and the temporary fix

Today we're looking at Cyberpunk 2077 update (patch 1.1) and the subsequent fallout. There's a bit of a creepy situation going on with this latest update, including the character Takemura. Once the bug takes hold, Takemura starts to stare at you. In the upper left-hand corner of the screen, Takemura just sits there in his square, staring... and staring.

The bug does more than just stare at you – Takemura's appearance and sustained creeping acts as a block for progress throughout the rest of the game. You can keep playing, sure, but progress stops registering for you, the one called V.

If you are experiencing this issue, there is a temporary workaround, but it requires that you've previously saved the game at a point before the creeping began. If you DO have such a save, you'll want to go ahead and load said gamesave (saved before Takemura and V leave Wakako's office.)

Once you've loaded the earlier gamesave, go ahead and finish your conversation with Takemura outside the office immediately. Once you've finished the conversation, once the quest is updated, skip 23h.

The last step, as noted by CD Projekt RED, is to "see if the holocall triggers and the dialogue with Takemura starts." This is all part of the quest "Down on the Street."

If you can avoid the "Down on the Street" quest altogether until a fix is issued, that's probably your best bet at the moment. Cross your fingers this all gets a big fix in the very near future.