Cyberpunk 2077 refunds for physical copies detailed as game disaster grows

The situation concerning Cyberpunk 2077 refunds has changed rapidly over the past day, beginning with Sony's decision to pull the game from the PlayStation Store and offer refunds to anyone who purchased the digital PS4 version. Earlier today, Microsoft clarified its stance on refunds for the digital Xbox version, and now CD Projekt Red is back itself with more information on how to get a refund for a physical copy.

While digital copies can be refunded fairly easily and quickly by platform holders, getting a refund for a physical copy is a whole other matter entirely. Initially, CD Projekt Red urged customers to first try returning their physical copies to the store they bought it from, but failing that provided an email address that customers could use to reach out to them directly and request a refund from the developer itself.

Today, in a statement published to Twitter, CD Projekt Red offered an update and more information about physical refunds. "We've just starting reaching out to people who sent us a message with a confirmation of receipt," the statement opens. "We send these emails out in waves, so don't worry if you don't receive an answer immediately."

Continuing on, CD Projekt Red said, "At the same time, we'd like you to know that our intention is for every owner of a physical copy, or a digital copy bought at retail, who has valid proof of purchase (and sends us an email at within the time window) to receive a refund. We will do this out of our own pocket if necessary. If you are unable to obtain a refund for the game from the store where you bought it, please contact us via email until December 21st. As this is a one-time initiative, we will provide everyone with next steps only after the refund request submission window closes."

So, if you've got proof of purchase for your retail copy and you've had no luck returning it to the store you bought it from, you can hit up CD Projekt Red for a refund. Between the digital refunds Sony and Microsoft are offering through their respective stores, it seems that everyone with a console version of the game can get a refund if they want it – just be sure to get in touch with CD Projekt Red by the 21st if you're looking for one of those retail refunds.