Cyberpunk 2077 modders are doing what most US cities can't get right

Back before Cyberpunk 2077 released, CD Projekt Red promised an immersive and living city that players could explore a multitude of ways. One of the ways originally showcased in trailers and other promotional footage included the city's subways and monorail systems. Unfortunately, like much of the final release, the actual in-game metro system left a lot to be desired. There were no cleverly designed train rides or even anything of the sort. Instead, Night City's metro system was basically useless. A new mod for Cyberpunk fixes that, though.

CD Projekt Red

Aptly named "Metro System", the new mod is made up of 19 fully-realized metro stations situated around Cyberpunk's Night City. Players can travel to any of the locations and interact with them to enter the stations, which modder "keanuWheeze" created from the ground up. While riding the metro, players can swap between first and third-person perspectives, allowing them a full look at the Night City landscape as they travel.

You'll be able to see where the trains are headed next, and you can even switch seats while traveling on the metro. When you're ready to hop off, simply interact with the train again when it stops at a station. The modder says that there are no loading screens, so you'll be able to explore the open world freely using the monorails built around the city.

How to install Cyberpunk's Metro System mod

If you want to use Cyberpunk 2077's new Metro System mod, you're going to need to install Cyber Engine Tweaks version 1.18.1 or newer. Once that's done, you'll want to install the Native Settings UI mod as well. You can find full install instructions for each of these mods on their respective pages. If you've modded Cyberpunk in the past, it should all be pretty straightforward. However, new modders should make sure to follow the directions as closely as possible to avoid any kind of data corruption in their games. You'll need both mods installed before you can use the new Metro System mod.

When you have installed both of those mods, download and extract the Metro System mod files to your computer's Cyberpunk folder. The directory for these files can change depending on which storefront your purchased it through. In most storefronts, though, you can select the title and choose "show file location" to be taken directly to the folder. If you're not able to find the game files that way, try searching your C drive, or any other drives you usually save games to.

Once you've found the folder, you want to extract these files to the one containing the /r6 and /bin folders. Once installed, all you need to do is load up the game and make your way to the nearest metro station to experience a more immersive way to travel around Night City.