Cyberpunk 2077 Hotfix 1.22 closes out April with these new fixes

Cyberpunk 2077 is getting another update today, and this one is geared toward tackling some of the issues that have been reported by the playerbase since the last patch. CD Projekt Red is referring to this update as Hotfix 1.22, and in addition to quashing some of the issues reported by players, the company says that it makes further stability improvements to the game.

There aren't a ton of fixes shipping along with this update, but most of the ones that are there concern issues with quests and the open world. CD Projekt says that it has fixed the Metro: Memorial Park dataterm so that it will now count toward the Frequent Flyer achievement, and it has also fixed glitches that could appear with Johnny Silverhand's appearance after buying the Nomad car.

The company also fixed a number of quest-breaking bugs, including one associated with Gig: Until Death Do Us Part that made it impossible to use the elevator and another with Epistrophy that could trap players in a garage. If you've encountered a bug in quest Riders of the Storm that took away your ability to use weapons, that bug has been fixed as well – good thing too, since being able to use weapons is a pretty big part of Cyberpunk 2077.

We're getting a sole visual fix that patches "various issues" with clipping in NPCs' clothes, and those playing the game in Arabic will be happy to learn that subtitles will now be properly aligned. A host of memory management fixes should reduce the number of crashes, while CD Projekt Red has also bolstered GPU performance when it comes to skinning and cloth rendering.

As far as console-specific changes are concerned, we're getting "GPU and ESRAM optimizations and improvements on Xbox One" along with some memory management boosts on PS5. On Stadia, meanwhile, the game will no longer become softlocked in the key bindings menu if a keyboard isn't detected, which sounds like a very useful change. You can read all of the patch notes for Hotfix 1.22 over on the Cyberpunk 2077 website, but otherwise, the update is live now on consoles, Stadia and PC.