Cyberpunk 2077 gets a hefty update as it preps PlayStation Store return

CD Projekt Red's quest to fix Cyberpunk 2077 continues today, with the studio publishing a new patch for the game. This patch brings Cyberpunk 2077 to version 1.23, and while it may not be as big as the version 1.1 and 1.2 patches that came earlier in the year, it's still arriving with quite a few changes.

By far, the biggest section of today's patch notes is the Quest section, with update 1.23 delivering fixes for several quest and gig glitches and bugs. There are too many quest fixes to list here, but it is worth noting that Gig: Family Matters, The Heist, Gig: Getting Warmer..., and Gig: Many Ways to Skin a Cat are all getting multiple fixes. If you've had a problem with any of those quests, then you should see if this update fixes things.

Aside from the quest fixes, several updates aim to quash bugs with gameplay, visuals, and stability. For instance, CD Projekt Red says that it has patched "various issues related to clipping in NPCs' clothes." Johnny Silverhand's broken spectral appearance in some quests has also been fixed.

CD Projekt Red says that it has also applied "numerous crash fixes" across "animations, UI, scene, physics, and gameplay systems." Just as well, it has implemented memory management improvements and optimizations to reduce the number of crashes players encounter. There are several PC-specific and Xbox-specific changes in this update, though the problems they patch seem to be rather small-scale.

Earlier this week, we learned that Cyberpunk 2077 is returning to the PlayStation Store on June 21st. Sony removed the game from the PlayStation Store shortly after it launched late last year, and it's remained unlisted ever since. We'll let you know of any future patches Cyberpunk 2077 receives, but for now, download this one – which is live on PC, consoles, and Stadia – and take it for a spin.